Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blanche Palmer GOTY 2014???

This may be the earliest I've ever heard info on the upcoming years GOTY, But there has been rumors on Blanche Palmer, GOTY 2014. She's a ballet dancer, who is losing her confidence over Jade, who is a "better" dancer than her. Her ballet instructor helps her regain her confidence, and they become close. These may be codenames, but I really like the name Blanche. Below is a photo and some websites where I got the information. Really AG? Another Blondie? Looks almost like a repeat of Mckenna's looks and Marisols personality. I really hope she doesn't have blue eyes or else I'm seriously going to hate American Girl. I'm posting some JLY's or MAG's that I hope she looks like.

As you can see, I'm rooting toward Brown hair and green eyes. What do you think?

(Blanche picture):

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